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Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse


Wash away bad breath with the Blue! This isn't your ordinary, everyday mouth wash. This powerful dual-action mouth rinse attacks odor-causing bacteria at the source and neutralizes their awful foul-smelling odors. BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse is alcohol free and sugar free. It contains Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) and ZYTEX®, our secret weapon in the fight against bad breath. CPC's know anti-bacterial properties kill the bacteria that lead to bad breath odors, then ZYTEX neutralizes their resulting odors. So rinse away and feel confident that you have the freshest breath possible.



Hi, my order arrived yesterday. I love it! Thank you! What a fast guys are great! I wish every site was like this one

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    Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse

    Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse

    Bad breath? We have you covered. BreathRX will ensure you breath always smells fresh.