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ComfortBrace Protective Strips


Introducing a new lip protector concept in comfort for orthodontic braces! ComfortBrace is a clear adhesive strip that covers your brackets and helps prevent mouth sores and relieve braces pain and irritation. It looks similar to a Whitestrip, but unlike a Whitestrip it does not contain any whitening chemicals. Instead, it adheres gently to your teeth and brackets, forming a soothing protective barrier between your braces and the inside of your mouth. It is sheer and barely noticeable once you put it on and has a fresh mint flavor.

You can eat, drink, and sleep with ComfortBrace strips in place. You can wear them all day if you wish; however, you should remove them to brush your teeth, as microscopic food particles can remain under the edges. They are "one size fits all," but if you need to, you can trim them with scissors before removing the adhesive backing. It's a great product for people in speaking positions whose braces are irritating their mouths, or any braces wearer who just wants to be a little more comfortable. 



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    ComfortBrace Protective Strips

    ComfortBrace Protective Strips

    Protect your lips from painful cuts while wearing braces.